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Does It Matter If My Past Relevant Work Exists In Significant Numbers In The National Economy?

In 1983, the Supreme Court of the United States released the very important opinion of Heckler v. Campbell, 103 S.Ct. 1952, 1957-58 (1983). The reason that this case is so important is that the Social Security Administration has adopted the opinion in Social Security Ruling 83-46c.

The Supreme Court, and subsequently the Social Security Administration, noted that the determination of disability at step five of the sequential evaluation, requires the following two-stage inquiry:

(1) There must be an assessment as to each claimant's present job qualifications--physical ability, age, education and work experience.

(2) There must be a consideration as to whether jobs exist in the national economy that a person having the claimant's physical ability, age, education and work experience could perform.

Stay tuned as we continue to evaluate the requirement of whether there is a significant number of jobs exist in the economy relative to a person's qualifications. If you are disabled, contact a Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney today.