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Expansion Of Death Penalty In Texas

In Texas, there are a large number of murders committed every year. Every year, the State of Texas commits a substantial portion of money to the prosecution of those charged with murder. As Texas leads the nation in the number of executions each year, Texas expends substantial sums of money to the prosecution of those that commit capital murder.

In order to be convicted of capital murder, a person has to commit murder in the course of a commission of a felony (aggravated robery, such as a gas station robbery) or several other enumerated offenses. Also, if a person kills certain, protected individuals, such as a police officer or firefighter. In past, another class of individuals was included in this group--those that were under the age of six years old. With Senate Bill 377, the age has expanded to the age of ten years old.

Thus, if a person commits the offense of murder on a person that is under the age of ten years old then that person will face capital murder charges and be subject to the death penalty. If you have been charged with a burglary, aggravated robbery, or murder, contact a Plano criminal defense lawyer today.