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Fatal Alcohol Poisoning

The Texas Legislature has passed House Bill 3474 and Senate Bill 1331. These bills were passed to tackle the problem of fatal alcohol poisoning. These bills are concerned with the consumption and/or possession of alcohol by a minor.

These bills now provide immunity for possession or consuming alcohol to a minor that calls 911 because someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning. The rationale behind this policy is obvious--too many teens and underage drinkers are binge drinking and becoming very ill. Due to their fear of being arrested by the police, teens are not calling for help. Now, the Texas Legislature allows immunity for the first person that calls for medical assistance, remains on the scene until medical help arrives, and works with EMS and the police.

This bill also enhances the penalty range for perons that provide alcohol to a minor at a gathering that involved binge drinking or coerced drinking. If you have been charged with an intoxication related offense or DWI, contact a Plano DWI lawyer today.