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Possession Of K2 Is Now A Crime

Yesterday, we blogged the transformation of the legality to illegallity of bath salts. We noted that these drugs had started to undergo increase scrutiny due to the side effects of bath salts. "K2" or "spice" was once considered to be a legal alternative to marijuana. Whereas the possession of marijuana was a criminal offense, possession of K2 was a legal alternative and not a criminal offense.

This is no longer true for K2. Possession of K2 will now be, at a minimum, a Class B Misdemeanor. However, depending on the amount possessed by the offender, a person can face up to a first-degree felony. Thus, the war on drugs has began to expand its wide net. Now, even the offenses that were once considered legal and being classified as illegal drugs. The reason for this is that affects of these synthetic drugs are too similiar to the drugs that are illegal.

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