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What Are Exertional And Nonexertional Impairments?

The SSA defines exertional limitations as those restrictions that will affect an individual's capacity to the meet the seven strength demands of jobs. These seven demands are sitting, standing, walking, lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling). Each exertional limitation is considered independently even though the RFC assessment will combine all activities.

The nonexertional limitations are the individual's capacity to meet the "nonstrength" demands of jobs. These are all physical limitations and restrictions that are not in the previous demands. The nonexertional limitations such as posture, visual, communcation ability, and mental ability. Each case is decided differently, but, generally a job is comprised of exertional and nonexertional limitations. In that case, the Administrative Law Judge can only use the medical-vocational guidelines as a framework for decision making and not rely completely on it.

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