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Shoplifting During the Holidays
Shoplifting During the Holidays

During the holidays, virtually everyone wants to have a gift to give. While some people have the finances to spend money at the mall, less fortunate men and women may have no way to get the toys and clothes that they want to present to their friends and family. While it is ...

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Blog Posts in 2012

  • The Meth Problem in Texas

    Recently, anti-drug forces discovered a pathway used by meth smugglers to bring thousands of pounds of the dangerous drug into the United States and ...

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  • Anti-Drug Task Force Charged with Guarding Cocaine Shipments

    Even the authorities that are responsible for arresting and charging drug offenders in Texas can sometimes get into trouble. Recently, The Washington ...

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  • Do You Have Bulging Discs? Do you Qualify for SSDI?

    If you have painful bulging discs that give you discomfort and keep you from being able to work? This condition may qualify for Social Security ...

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  • What You Need to Know About the Burn Bans in Texas

    During the winter, many people light their fireplaces inside or will make bonfires outdoors in order to warm themselves. While these fires can be ...

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  • Drug Crime in Texas: How the Navy is Involved

    Most drug crimes in Texas are tied to drug rings which originated in the border country of Mexico. Across the border many drug lords and their gangs ...

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  • Better Technology and a Slower Wait for SSDI

    As our world becomes increasingly electronic, Americans have seen the shift from waiting to instant gratification. For example, in the past letters ...

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  • The Levels of DUI Prosecution in Texas

    If you are convicted of a DUI in Texas, the punishment you will receive will be contingent on whether or not you have already been arrested for a DUI, ...

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  • Social Security Administration Puts Paper Statements on Hold

    According to the Federal Times, the SSA has halted mailing all paper statements of earnings and benefits to millions of Americans for the time being. ...

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  • What Happens When You Accidentally Bring a Gun Into the Airport?

    If you have a firearm or another weapon in your carry-on bag at the airport and don’t realize your mistake until the bag goes through screening, you ...

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