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New Portable Technology to Help Probation Officers

New technology is being tested by probation officers in the state of Texas this month. A portable breathalyzer machine will help these officers determine whether individuals on probation are following the terms of their parole or are in violation thus making them eligible for a trip back to jail. The portable devices have been in use for just two weeks but they have already started to show their utility. Since it is the responsibility of a parole officer to know where an offender is at all times, it is important to track their movements and determine whether they are committing another crime. This can all be accomplished by the tiny device which is completely portable, a representative for the new device states. It not only takes a picture of the parolee and registers blood alcohol level, but also tracks that person's whereabouts thanks to GPS.

At select times, the parolee will receive a text message telling him/her to use the breathalyzer unit. If the reports come back positive for alcohol and the person is on an alcohol restriction, he/she can be picked up immediately by police and may have his/her probation revoked. When you are arrested for DWI in Texas, you may be sentenced with jail time, fines and in some cases, probation. With so many strict possibilities, you'll want to fight your charges by enlisting the help of a Plano DWI attorney. Don't wait to contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to get legal help!