Social Security Adding Huntington's Disease to CAL

Social Security Adding Huntington's Disease to CAL

CAL stands for the Compassionate Allowances Program. This program is designed by the Social Security Administration to provide benefits for applicants whose medical conditions are very serious. Persons with illnesses that are on the CAL list are automatically accepted for Social Security Disability Insurance without having to go through the lengthy application process.

If you have been diagnosed with a disease on the list, then you will be given SSDI in a speedy manner without having to provide any detailed medical information. According to the SSA homepage, Huntington ’s Disease will be on the CAL list by the end of the year. This will facilitate all people with this disease to get the benefits that they need without having to wait or prove their need for the financial support.

Both the juvenile and adult forms of the illness will be declared Compassionate Allowance conditions. The SSA says that they announced this new move in honor of Woody Guthrie, the songwriter who created timeless classics such as “This Land is Your Land.” Guthrie died from Huntington’s Disease, and July 14th would have been his hundredth birthday. The SSA thought it fitting to honor him with their decision in a day of remembrance.

The disease is a tragic illness that affects the brain and is always progressive. In all cases, the illness has proved fatal. Nearly 30,000 Americans are the victims of Huntington’s. The illness causes behavioral disturbance, irritability, paranoia, psychosis, and hallucinations which make it difficult for the victim to complete even the simplest tasks in life.

Those who have the illness may also have abnormal body movements like spontaneous flailing of the limbs or sporadic facial contortions. Sometimes those who have Huntington’s are also diagnosed with dementia and have a difficulty speaking. If you or a loved one has Huntington’s and you haven’t been granted SSDI, then talk to a lawyer at our firm for more information.