Veterans are Learning that Location Matters for SSDI

Veterans are Learning that Location Matters for SSDI

Depending on where you live, you may hear back about your Social Security Disability Insurance promptly, or it could take you years. According to KQED news, veterans who are waiting to hear back on a war-related disability claim in California often have to wait twice as long as those in South Dakota and other related areas. The U.S. Department of Veterans of Affairs has millions of claims to shift though, but the Centers for Investigative Reporting was able to determine that residents in some states get claims back much faster than others.

One Marine in Modesto, California says that he has been waiting to hear back on his traumatic brain injury claim since November of 2010. In California specifically, those who file claims with any of the VA’s three regional offices which are located in Oakland, Los Angeles, and San Diego can expect an average nine month wait before they hear back.

Veterans in North Texas and New York can expect a very long wait concerning their claim, and had to wait up to 3 and a half years when they tried to appeal a denied claim. Many VA offices are switching over to electronic mediums, and will be using computers to review claims rather than looking at them on hard copies. Yet skeptics say that this will only complicate the process, because claims will flood in before the backlog can be cleared.

This will leave veterans who are unfortunate enough to get stuck in the back in a waiting game. If your claim has not been answered for over a year, then you may want to think about getting a lawyer involved. Taking legal action may be able to expedite your process, especially if you are in an urgent situation. Talk to a SSDI lawyer at our firm today to discuss your frustrations and come up with a plan of action!