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Anti-Drug Task Force Charged with Guarding Cocaine Shipments

Even the authorities that are responsible for arresting and charging drug offenders in Texas can sometimes get into trouble. Recently, The Washington Post reported that the Texas Anti-Drug Task Force has been charged with guarding large amounts of cocaine. The task force was bribed to guard the shipments in exchange for a large sum of money, and they chose to compromise their role as anti-drug task force employees in order to make a little extra cash.

The incident happened in McAllen, Texas, when the three lawmen were arrested and charged with taking thousands of dollars in bribes. They are all being held in a South Texas jail and their bonds were each set at $100,000. The officers will appear in court this Friday for a first hearing on the incident. According to the reports, one of the men is 39-year-old Jonathan Trevino, who is the son of a prominent Hidalgo County Sherriff. The two others are Hidalgo sheriff’s deputies. The U.S. Magistrate Judge who will look at the case says that it is highly unlikely that the criminals will be released from jail before Christmas.

All three of the offenders were taken into custody last week and the federal prosecutors announced the charges shortly after. Law enforcement authorities in the area were shocked when they discovered that their partners were hiding a stash of an illegal drug. All three men were members of the Panama Unit, which is a task force that is specifically devoted to combatting the drug trade. Whether you are a civilian or a law enforcement officer, if you are caught in possession of drugs or are found to be hiding narcotics for compensation, then you can be prosecuted. Contact a Plano County drug crimes lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC if you need an attorney to represent you in court due to a drug charge.