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Do You Have Bulging Discs? Do you Qualify for SSDI?

If you have painful bulging discs that give you discomfort and keep you from being able to work? This condition may qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance if you can prove that the compensation is necessary. In order to qualify, you will need to prove that you are not working as a result of your condition. This means that you cannot be engaging in any substantial gainful activity. The SSA says that anyone who is able to earn more than $1,010 a month as an employee does not qualify for benefits because he or she can make money without the government’s aid.

As well, those that want to qualify for SSDI because of bulging discs need to prove that the disability is severe enough to limit their ability to perform work activities. For example, the injured person must prove that he or she cannot walk, stand, sit, lift, reach, carry, pull, or perform any physical labor tasks that may be required of him or her. As well, if a person cannot see, hear, or speak because of their condition, or cannot understand and carry out simple instructions, then this would prove that he or she should receive SSDI. The SSA also typically gives benefits to those that cannot respond approximately socially because of their condition or cannot deal with any changes in a work setting,

According to Allsup, bulging discs are listed under a category of impairments called the musculoskeletal system medical listing. Those with a serious bulging disc condition typically need to show evidence of a nerve root compression or prove that they have spinal arachnoiditis that accompanies their bulging discs. Also, those who have lumbar spinal stenosis can typically get SSDI. If you can find a job that can accommodate your condition, then chances are that you will not be able to receive benefits. The SSA also evaluates those with bulging discs based on their age and uses this to gauge whether or not they qualify for SSDI. If you believe that you should qualify for SSDI, then you can contact an attorney at our Zendeh Del Law SSDI firm to get more information and possibly sue the SSA.