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The Meth Problem in Texas

Recently, anti-drug forces discovered a pathway used by meth smugglers to bring thousands of pounds of the dangerous drug into the United States and to distribute it to addicts all over the nation. According to the Dallas News, Mexican drug dealers began popping up all over Texas to distribute the drug shortly after the federal government launched an effort to punish the domestic producers. Meth is currently the biggest drug issue in North Texas, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA says that they are constantly baffled by how many people are able to smuggle the drug around the state without being detected. They are also saddened by the number of addicts that they have come across in the state.

While the DEA has heavily punished and eradicated domestic production of meth, Mexican cartels have used this to their advantage. They are now smuggling the drug up from their country, and making significant amounts of money as addicts clamber to get ahold of the substance. Research shows that meth distribution hit a low point in the United States around 2006-2007. Then, when Mexican cartels noticed the lull in distribution, they rushed into the country to sell the drug at high prices. They were successful in building up another meth problem.

The DEA now says that meth is the number one threat to the state of Texas because of its persistent availability and abuse in the state. Prosecutors continue to send meth producers to jail, but more and more Hispanic meth cookers keep coming up from the border with their illegal goods. If you have been arrested for a crime associated with meth, then you are going to want an accomplished and hardworking lawyer to come to your aid. Without a reliable attorney on your side, you may end up in prison for your crime. Contact a Texas drug defense attorney today if you want more information about defense!