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Federal Agents Raid Pecan Farm due to Reports of Drug Trafficking

On Friday, federal agents told news sources that they had successfully terminated two major drug trafficking and money laundering operations. The operations were reportedly taking place in the state of New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque, and involved a firefighter and a group of farmers that grew pecans. While conducting their investigation, authorities searched the property of the alleged drug crime offenders and found weapons, cash, and a surplus of illegal narcotics. After the search, officers said that they wanted to make communities safer in the region and that the recent busts would reduce distribution of marijuana, methamphetamines, and cocaine in the area.

U.S. Attorney Kenneth Gonzales said that fifteen men were listed in a twenty nine count federal indictment. The charges filed ranged from drug crimes to money laundering. From that indictment, ten search warrants were obtained allowing officers to arrest nine of the fifteen wanted suspects. The men that were arrested appeared in court on Friday. One of the men detained was a seven-year veteran firefighter known as S.C. He is 32-years-old and at this time his department is not commenting on the case or whether S.C. will face disciplinary action. Were you recently arrested for committing a drug offense? If so, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to have your case reviewed by an experienced Plano drug crime attorney from our legal team.