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Man Steals Ambulance and Then Shoplifts Frozen Food from Store

In the city of El Paso, a man from West Texas was placed under arrest by local police for theft crimes. Allegedly, the man known as J.V. stole an ambulance, drove it to a nearby grocery store, and then proceeded to shoplift frozen foods. On Monday evening, police received reports that an ambulance was stolen from the Del Sol Medical Center parking lot. The vehicle was waiting to transport a patient when it was swiped by J.V.

Officers say that once J.V. had the ambulance in his possession he drove to a supermarket and stole some frozen foods from the store. Workers at the market caught J.V. in the act and followed him out into the parking lot where they finally alerted law enforcement. Officers arrived at the scene and place J.V. under arrest for grand theft auto. He was then transported to a detention facility where a bond was set in the amount of $10,200. Anytime people are facing theft crime charges, whether misdemeanor or felony, they need to contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC as soon as possible to enlist the help of a Plano criminal defense lawyer from our team. With our help, people can fight their theft offenses and possibly avoid conviction.