What is the Role of a Vocational Expert?

What is the Role of a Vocational Expert?

In order to eliminate fraudulent incidents of Social Security Disability, a vocational expert is often called to testify in Social Security cases.

This is an individual that assesses an individual to determine his/her ability to work in the current marketplace. By performing an assessment of that person's skills and comparing it to available jobs in the area, the vocational expert can report to the judge whether that person does need Social Security Disability payments. The expert looks at the individual's past employment history, as well as the medical and psychological history, to determine eligibility for available jobs.

Should the expert determine that there are jobs available that the person can perform, the judge is may order the individual to apply for those jobs. While the primary focus of a vocational expert is to help someone get work when they cannot on their own, this person can also be used as an expert witness in Social Security Disability cases.

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