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ADD and Social Security Disability Benefits for Your Kids

Attention Deficit Disorder is a minor disability that affects people’s ability to pay attention for long amounts of time. Children who have this disorder often struggle in school because they are unable to focus in class, and cannot work through homework without getting frustrated and scatterbrained. Sometimes ADD children and adults will be hyperactive and impulsive. Because ADD and ADHD are both considered disabilities, many parents will file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for their children when afflicted with the illness. However, the fact is that almost all of these applications will be denied. Only those with the most severe ADD and ADHD will be able to obtain the financial benefits.

The severity of your child’s ADHD needs to meet the requirements Social Security Administration’s impairment listing in order for your to get the monetary benefits that you want. To do this, your child needs to suffer from all three symptoms of ADHD. These are inattentiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Children over the age of three must have severe difficulty compared to other children their age. This means they must have impaired cognitive and communicative functions, and have a difficult time in social circumstances.

They must have some sort of personal functioning issue and be unable to concentrate, persist, or pace themselves when working on school. Now only must these things be true of your child, but you must be able to prove them through documentation. Doctor’s records, notes, mental health professional papers, and report cards can all help with this. You will also need to give the government the results of your child’s standardized tests to show mental impairment. If your child earls more than $1,010 per month at a job, then he or she cannot be a beneficiary of this government aid. Admittedly, it’s not easy to get Social Security when your child has ADD. If you want to fight for these benefits, talk to a lawyer at our firm.