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Child Paralyzed in DUI Crash Gets a New Home

DUI crashes can be devastating and debilitating. One child from San Diego, California, lost his ability to use his limbs due to the careless abandon of an intoxicated driver. The Sacramento Bee writes that little Izaiah, who is now 3 years old, was being pushed in a stroller by his grandfather while they were out enjoying the pleasant weather in San Diego. Suddenly, without warning, the stroller was wiped out by a speeding drunk driver. The offender was a 17-year-old unlicensed driver, who was punished accordingly for his crime. Izaiah’s father was forced to quit his job so that he could tend to his son full-time, and the accident drastically changed their lifestyle.

Now, the nonprofit group Passion 4 Kids has helped the financially-struggling family to obtain a $100,000 down-payment on a $258,000 home. Many companies have rallied together to remodel the house, which was originally infested with rats and trash. After it was spruced up and cleaned, the home provided a perfect residence for the small family. Sad stories like this are the reason that the highway patrol takes drunk driving so seriously. Police don’t want men and women to struggle through a life of difficulty because of a person’s poor mistake to drink and then get behind the wheel.

Because the driver in this accident was a minor, he is under the zero-tolerance policy. This means that he will have to serve his sentence regardless if his BAC was over the legal limit, which is 0.08%. As well, because he was speeding, and driving without a license, he will be prosecuted for those actions as well. If you have ever been accused of driving while drunk, you know that the charge comes with a lot of weight. You could spend months in jail for you offense. If you are innocent, then you need to talk to a DUI attorney right away to work out your case. You will want someone to fight for you and work hard to show the courts that you have been unjustly charged.