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Deputy Sentenced in Drug-Smuggling Burrito Case

Henry Marin was a sheriff’s deputy in Los Angeles, California, but he will probably lose his job due to the fact that he now faces two years in a courthouse jail. His crime involves the most unlikely of objects- a burrito. According to The Los Angeles Times report, Marin attempted to smuggle heroin into a courthouse jail inside of a bean and cheese burrito, but was found out and tried accordingly. The police officers used to be featured on a reality T.V. show that focused on prospective sheriff recruits. He was caught in the sting that was set up by the sheriff’s task force to apprehend smugglers from bringing drugs behind bars.

According to the police force, it isn’t rare that corrupt deputies will take up a lucrative drug trade where they will bring drugs to prisoners who are dying for the substances and will pay any amount of money to get them. Henry Marin was one of the men involved in these illegal transactions. The sheriff’s investigators watched as Marin accepted a bean burrito with 24 grams of black tar heroin inside and brought it to the Los Angeles Airport Courthouse. The former deputy told police officers that he bought the burrito to give to an inmate as sustenance and was not aware that there was heroin hidden inside. Marin resigned from the sheriff’s department and pleaded no contest when his trial came.

The judge determined that she would send him behind bars for three years, so he made a plea bargain that lessened his time in jail. As part of the plea bargain, Marin’s conspiracy charges were dismissed. The other policemen who worked with Marin don’t know why he stooped into the drug trade, and some say that they don’t think he was even getting paid to do so. In the reality T.V. show The Academy, Marin was dismissed from the police academy for two fatal mistakes in role-playing classes. After the show was filmed, he was later allowed to reenter and graduate.