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Drug Cartel Leaves Dismembered Bodies Leading to Texas Border

Some of the most dangerous drug cartels work in Mexico right underneath the Texas border, bringing drugs up into the United States. According to the New York Daily News, more and more investigators are growing concerned as they find dismembered bodies strewn across the trail that these drug cartels normally take. Like a trail of breadcrumbs from Hansel and Gretel, the cartel leaders litter limbs and body parts down the road in an eerie track. Yet authorities have yet to catch even one of the cartel leaders. As well, they haven’t been able to identify a single victim. There have been 49 bodies discovered, and more and more unidentified dead found every week.Non of the bodies have hands, feed, or heads attached.

Some authorities assume that the bodies are those of the traitors who failed to be loyal to the cartels. The National Human Rights Commission says that over 24,000 people are reported missing in Mexico, and 16,000 bodies from violent murders have not been identified. Many of the country’s police are too overwhelmed with the amount of drug war casualties to place the corpses with their respective identifications. Since the Mexican President launched an anti-drug cartel campaign in 2006, the dug violence in the country has only escalated.

What is most concerning is that the cartel violence often bleeds through to Texas, where the men use tunnels to come into the country and make drug deals with addicted criminals. If you have been associated with these drug cartels in any way, chances are that the police are after you or have placed you in custody. The American government takes drug violence and possession very seriously. Talk to an attorney at the Zendeh Del drug crimes law firm today if you need to fight your charges. We will work hard and be aggressive as we fight towards your innocent and weakening your sentence.