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Five Indicted for Drug-Distribution at Foreclosure-Rescue Business

It’s a great thing to help people avoid home foreclosure, but not when a criminal ploy is the means used to get there. According to the Plano Star, five men were indicted on Friday, July 13th, as part of a foreclosure-rescue scheme that involved turning homes at risk into marijuana plants. Four of the men caught were related, and were working alongside an Englishman to lessen the amount of foreclosures in the Plano area. The four relatives worked at a company called Applied Investment Strategies Inc. Here, the four marketed a foreclosure-rescue that would assist all homeowners who were in rickety financial situations.

Yet once they obtained their client’s personal information, Applied Investment Strategies, Inc. would use those credentials to prepare and send false military orders to lending institution. They claimed that the clients were militia and asked for relief from foreclosure using the Service Members Civil Relief Act. After they had successfully prevented the foreclosure through these means, they would lease out the homes, and collect the money. The clients often also asked AIS to work on protecting them from automobile repossession. In addition to all of this, there were times that AIS would vacate the foreclosed homes they failed to rescue, and then turn them into marijuana plants. One house had over 1,000 plants inside.

The men involved in this exchange, which was both fraudulent and illegal, may face up to 20 years in prison. They have been charged on many accounts, and are currently in court working with attorneys to lessen their sentence. If you have been charged with drug distribution, or have been growing marijuana illegally, then you want a Plano drug crimes defense lawyer by your side. Because we focus on this area of criminal law, we are more than prepared to take up your case and fight for your innocence. Talk to someone at our firm today for more information!