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Man Pleads Guilty to Strapping Children to Car While Drunk

Aaron Stefanksi is a 29-year-old from Fort Wayne, Indiana, but he recently became a news-celebrity when he was caught strapping his children to the roof of his car while intoxicated. The northern Indiana man was charged in a court with driving three blocks while his four children were strapped to the hood of the car. He was severely impaired by alcohol at the time. The man accepted a plea bargain at his trial, admitting his guilt in exchange for six months to three years in prison per felony account. He was sentenced for four different felonies including child abuse and a DUI.

The father was seen strapping his four kids to the car with a tow strap by neighbors, who immediately called 911 to report the horrible error. The children were screaming as they were tied down. Police say that the children were between the ages four and seven. Stefanski thought that the children would enjoy the unique rise as long as he only took them around the block and back. However, the children seemed to display anything but enthusiasm at being strapped to the car. Because of his unwise decision, Stefanski may spend up to 12 years in a prison.

He will most likely never gain custody of his children again. This is only one example of the poor choices that people make while intoxicated. If you have been charged with a DUI, then you need aggressive representation to help you through your trial. There are many reasons that you can be falsely accused of a DUI. Maybe you couldn’t complete a field sobriety test, or were tested with a faulty breathalyzer. Maybe you weren’t aware that you had open containers of alcohol in your car because they were left from a previous driver. Whatever your defense, we can help you to turn your arguments into a full-blown case. Talk to us today!