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Suspect Asks to Suspend Trial for Ernest Hemingway Lookalike Contest

Jerry Alan Bottorff is a suspect awaiting trial for several crimes. According to court documents, the supposed criminal is accused of murder-for-hire, conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire, and an offense with a firearm. His trial was set to begin on July 9th, 2012 and both the defending and prosecuting parties have known about the court date for at least four months now. However, Bottorff and his counsel have requested the courts to suspend the trial in Friday, July 20th because of an unfortunate conflict.

What is this conflict? An Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest at Sloppy Joe's Bar. According to the court records, Jerry Bottorff is a finalist in the competition, and wants to make it to the contest which is set in Key West, Florida if possible. The contest is at 6:30 P.M. on Friday, July 20th and has the potential to conflict with Bottorff's very serious trial. The defense requested that Bottorff be permitted to avoid any court meetings on that Friday, and explained that he would be present for court appointments on the Thursday.

Immediately after his proceedings, he intends to drive towards Key West for the competition. The counsel says that they have already secured six rooms at a hotel in Key West for the Thursday night so that family, friends, and fans of Bottorff can be present for hos hopeful-victory. While the counsel tried, the United States District Judge in Tampa denied the motion, and Bottorff will need to appoint in court that Friday. This somewhat comedic request is only one of the many requests that come in to courts all over the U.S. on a regular basis. If you have requested a special exemption from court, make sure that you had a defense attorney there to help you word your request in the best possible way.