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Texans Want DEA to Pay for Drug Sting Damages

Recently, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration chose to send one of their agent s undercover as a trucker in North Texas. The agent arrived at the Craig Patty truck company ready to make a trek in his big rig, just like all other employees. Patty Craig’s main job is to use their vehicle’s to haul sand for hydraulic fracturing operations, but many of the vehicles were also smuggling marijuana into the country and around to various drug rings. The undercover agent gathered up a parcel of marijuana at the Mexican border, trying to determine the route of the offenders who had completed the drug trades before him.

The undercover operation went horribly wrong when the agent was approached by drug ring men and shot eight times in the truck’s cab. The devastating end to the investigation led to a lawsuit by Patty Craig. They say that they want the DEA to replenish more than $130,000 for truck damages that the insurance refused to cover. According to ABC News, the insurance company said that the vehicle was used by the government; therefore they weren’t going to pay the costs of the damages. Patty Craig’s CEO also wants $1.3 million in other damages for the death of the officer.

According to Patty Craig, the company only owns two trucks. They almost went belly up when the truck that was driven by the undercover agent was put out of use for almost 100 days. Mr. Craig had to use his retirement money to try and keep the company afloat until the truck could be fixed and placed back in operation. He also claims he had no idea that his vehicles were being used in conjunction with drug cartels, and is terrified that drug gangs will notice the logo on his truck and attack other drivers that work for the company. If you have been involved in a drug dispute of any kind and charged for a crime related to drugs, talk to a lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC for more information!