Using the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool

Using the Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool

Did you know that the government has set up a special screening tool, just for men and women who think that they deserve disability benefits? The Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool, also called BEST, is an online method that can show you the benefits administered by Social Security and let you know whether or not they apply to you.

After answering the questions in the survey, this government-sponsored test will show you what the best benefits are for you to apply for. If you decide to try this screening tool, remember that it is not an application for benefits. You will need to use the information that you gather from the tool and then locate the documents you need to fill out for any applying processes.

As well, BEST won’t know your Social Security number or name, so you won’t need to worry about giving up private information that could lead to identity theft. In addition, it won’t access your personal Social Security records, and won’t give you an estimate of benefit amounts. The tool can’t screen for help with Medicare prescription drug costs, which is a service that is often granted to people who possess Medicare. If you choose to use the tool, the BEST will ask you about you and your spouse’s age, and marriage date.

The tool will also need information about your yearly earnings, and your personal finances. You might be eligible for Social Security Insurance or be able to receive help because of your Medicare premiums, so BEST will take these things into account. After gathering your information, the screening test will see if you qualify for Medicare, Social Security Disability, Special Veterans, Supplemental Security Income, Social Security Survivor’s, or Social Security Retirement benefits. Click here to try the test right now and see what benefits you are eligible to receive!