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Ex- Attorney Sentenced to Lifetime in Prison for Child Sex Abuse

In Ellis County, Texas, a former attorney has been captured and sentenced to a lifetime in prison after he was convicted of child sex abuse. The lawyer fled to Honduras after he pled guilty to his charges. The elderly man has been under the radar since April, 2006, when he was suspected of sexually assaulting a child. He was also charged with indecency with a child by contact and indecency with a child by exposure. In his first trial, the attorney was granted community supervision, but he slipped away 2007, travelling south to Honduras to evade the American authorities.

The U.S. Marshalls located and arrested the sex offender in October, 2011, and extradited him back to the states. Finally, last Wednesday, the man went before the court and was charged with crimes based on his inability to keep a supervision order. At the court case one of this man's victims came to the podium, followed by the grandmother of the twin girls he abused. The judge revoked his previous punishment, and sentenced him to a lifetime in prison instead. While there is a possibility that the sex offender can obtain parole, he won't be let out from behind bars for at least 45 years. He pleaded for a lesser sentence, but the judge said that there was a time mercy and that the time had passed.

Unfortunately, because this criminal abused his first sentence, he lost the privilege to live outside of the jail. If you have been accused of a child sex crime or if you violated your supervision charges, then you need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to help. With the right representation, you can head to court well equipped and work hard to prove your innocence or at least lessen your sentence. Get started by contacting a Texas criminal defense attorney at our firm today!