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Michigan Man Charged for Operating a Wheel Chair Under the Influence

Raymond Kulma from Michigan was recently arrested for his seventh DUI. The ironic thing is he wasn’t even driving. Instead, he was operating a stolen, motorized wheelchair. The police chief who arrived on the scene says that the arresting officers conducted several sobriety tests, but Mr. Kulma failed every single one. He had a BAC of .241 at the time, which is three times the legal limit. In addition to his DUI crime, the man will also be taken to court for assaulting a senior at a nearby nursing home. He obtained the wheel chair when he got into an argument with James Konkel, a resident at a senior living complex in Utica.

Eventually, a drunken Kulma took off down the road with the electric wheel chair. Apparently the two had started to bicker when Kulma began calling Konkel names as he walked to his car. They got into a light fist fight, but Konkel eventually went back inside. It wasn’t until later that he learned that his assailant had taken his wheel chair and headed off. Kulma’s license has been suspended 4 times and revoked twice for drunk driving. The wheel chair was impounded when Kulma was arrested so that it could be used as evidence, but has since been restored to James Konkel. Now, the police are trying to decide what to do with Mr. Kulma. Chances are that he will spend years behind bars for this seventh DUI, and shouldn’t plan to operate any vehicle, even a motorized wheelchair, anytime soon. This story serves as an example that you don’t need to be in a car to get a DUI. People have obtained DUIs on boats (BUIs), on electric scooters, on lawnmowers, and in golf-carts.