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Son to be Reunited with Parents after Being Kidnapped by Babysitter Eight Years Ago

In Houston, Texas, multiple news sources are covering a story involving a young boy that was kidnapped over eight years ago. According to the reports, the boy was taken by his babysitter and may now be returned to his biological parents after being found. The boy, M.M., was placed in short-term foster care after officers arrested the babysitter who allegedly kidnapped him back in 2004. M.M. is reportedly in good health both physically and mentally.

On Monday, the babysitter, 26-year-old K.R.T., was placed under arrest and is now facing kidnapping charges. At this time, she is being detained in jail in San Augustine, Texas which is over 100 miles away from Houston. Right now, M.M. is going through DNA testing. The parents consented to such tests to prove that M.M. is in fact their missing son. Sources say that the three will be reunited after tests are conclusive, but the reunion date has not yet been confirmed. Kidnapping is a felony offense that should never be taken lightly. If you're facing federal crime charges, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC now to discuss your defense options with a Plano criminal defense lawyer.