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Suspect Commits Arson to Cover Up Suspected Drug Lab

In one Texas city, area law enforcement received reports that a house the rural community was being used as a drug lab. A constable was dispatched to the scene and was standing outside of the home with an eviction notice when the residence suddenly exploded. Reports show that the explosion took place six miles outside of Victoria, Texas on Monday during morning hours.

When interviewed by a local newspaper Constable R.C. told the reporter that he knocked on the door numerous times and no one answered. That is when the residence exploded and burst into flames. According to Sheriff M.O. the drug crime suspect, known as S.A.F, has been hiding from the law and is believed to have committed arson to make the lab explode. At this time, police say that no one was injured during the fire and officers plan to continue their investigation. 49-year-old S.A.F. was arrested and has since been charged with drug manufacturing, arson, possession of drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence. If you are in trouble with the law for allegedly committing a drug offense, now is the time to obtain the services of a Plano drug crime attorney by contacting the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC. Take the time to have your case reviewed and your legal options explained to you!