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Drug Cartels May Be to Blame for 49 Severed Bodies

Near the Texas-northern Mexico border, forty nine bodies were recently discovered by local law enforcement agents. According to reports, the heads, hands and feet of the deceased were cut off and the severed remains were simply dumped for police to find in the desert town of San Juan. Officers say that they believe the carnage is the result of a war that is going on between two large-scale drug cartels in the country of Mexico. Both cartels are known internationally for committing a variety of drug offenses.

Local officers contacted federal agents after discovering the bodies in pools of blood. Sources say that near the bodies there was a white stone arch that was spray painted with the phrase "100% Zeta." Due to the lack of heads, authorities told news sources that the forty three men and six women would be hard to identify, but all victims are scheduled for DNA testing in Monterey, Texas at this time. Have you been charged with a drug crime in Texas, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today to speak with a Plano drug crime defense attorney that is committed to helping you contest your charges and move forward with your life.