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Better Technology and a Slower Wait for SSDI

As our world becomes increasingly electronic, Americans have seen the shift from waiting to instant gratification. For example, in the past letters were mailed and took days or weeks to arrive at the address of the recipient. Now, we use electronic e-mails which allow people to communicate across the world in a matter of seconds. An American can share photos with a friend in China in only seconds with the new technology that has allowed our world to become globalized. In this era of technological innovation, the government is catching on. They are discovering that electronic programs can expedit3e the process of applications and petitions, and are slowly moving to online documents that can be better organized and easily accessible.

Recently, the government introduced a software system that will use electronic health records in processing the Social Security Administration disability claims and may be able to reduce the time that it takes to determine eligibility from months to mere days. If the process can be quickened, millions of Americans won’t have to wait so long to hear back as to whether or not they are eligible for social security. The software system is called HealthLink and is part of a contracted awarded to the Wright State Research Institute by the Social Security Administration in 2010. A pilot group of doctors have been testing the system, and have been processing Social Security determination requests using the program. On the software they can review their patient’s symptoms and determine whether or not they would recommend that man or woman for SSDI.

One health information technology program manager says that it is important to provide a solution from electronic health information and believes that this software can allow disability claims determination resolution in as little as 48 hours. If you have been waiting for your SSDI application approval or denial and believe that the process has been slowed to an unnecessary degree, there is a hope for a faster response to your application in the future. Contact a lawyer at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC if you are experiencing complications with your application and need help from an accomplished attorney to fight for your eligibility.