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Leaving a Mess Brings no Penalty for Meth Cooks

If you have been charged with cooking up a dangerous narcotic like Meth, you can be charged with possession, manufacturing, intent to distribute, or a host of other crimes. You cannot be charged with leaving a mess behind. According to a recent article in the State Impact, there are not laws in Texas which command the clean-up r sterilization of a home after a meth cook is discovered there. Recently, a little girl in Grapevine watched as her dolls and toys were stuffed into a dumpster because they were covered in the dangerous drug. A worker at the Texas Decon Environmental Services was summoned to trash everything in the home that was sprinkled with the dangerous narcotic.

A family had moved into their Texas home without any knowledge that it had been previously occupied by a meth cook. They started to suspect that something was awry when their dog died by chemical poisoning. Then, the children became chronically ill with respiratory infections. Eventually, the family had their home tested for meth and were greeted with horrible results. Still, they didn’t have the money to afford a cleanup and had to move. They eventually faced foreclosure and lost their home along with many of their possessions. The bank that purchased the home then contacted the Texas Decon Environmental Services to come and sterilize the environment.

One worker says that meth cleanups are rare because the meth cook is not required to clean up his or her space by law. In fact, in Texas there aren’t laws requiring a landlord to disclose if an apartment was once a meth lab. This means that illegal meth cooks are permitted to dump toxic chemicals down drains and sprinkle them all over the home without ever being charged for this crime. If you are on trial for a drug crime, this may come as a benefit for your case. If the court tries to slap with you disregard charges because you left your home a mess, you can point out that there are not specific laws outlawing the practice. Talk to a criminal defense attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC if you need more information about meth charges today!