The New Drugs Included in the Texas Controlled Substances Act

The New Drugs Included in the Texas Controlled Substances Act

If you are a Texan, then you should carefully review the new laws that go into effect every year. These new laws could change your sentence if you are charged with an offense, or permit you to be arrested for a crime that you didn’t even know was illegal. Recently, the 82nd Texas legislature chose to include bath salts and synthetic marijuana in their Texas Controlled Substance Act. This means that people who use these synthetic drugs can be charged with drug crimes. Texas had to amend the Act to include these substances because they are new on the market.

Previously, they weren’t listed because they didn’t yet exist. In a press release, the Texas government stated that an individual who has synthetic marijuana or bath salts in their possession can be charged with a variety of drug offenses. These include possession with the intent to distribute or possession or a controlled substance. A Georgetown drug defense lawyer argues that many people may be unaware of the new change in law, and be charged with a criminal offense before they are ever warned that possessing or selling these drugs is illegal. Previously, selling and distributing synthetic drugs was legal and the practice was committed in many shops in the state.

Synthetic marijuana is now classified under Penalty group 2-A. This penalty group includes any substances that contain a chemical compound that is a cannabinoid receptor agonist. In addition to synthetic marijuana, the compound is found in spice and K-2. Bath Salts are categorized under Penalty Group 2 along with any drugs that include the same compounds like Methlenedioxypyrovalerone, Cloud Nine, and Blue Silt. In Penalty Group 2, suspects can be punished with jail or prison time, steep fines, and possible rehabilitation.

It depends on what controlled substance is involved. In some cases, the Penalty Group 2 can bring on a felony. Drugs in this category must have a high potential for abuse, but can be used for some medical purposes. Other substances in the group are magic mushrooms, mescaline, psilocin, and psilocybin. If an offender has enough of the drug in his or her possession he or she can be charged with a first degree felony.

This can come with five to 99 years in prison as well as a fine up to $50,000. On the lighter side, a suspect who is charged with a Penalty Group drug charge can be issued a Class B misdemeanor which will come with up to 180 days in jail and a fine up to $2,000. If you have been arrested and charged for possessing bath salts or synthetic marijuana, you may be able to argue that you were unable that the drugs had been made illegal. Contact a criminal defense lawyer at our law firm to get optimal representation on your case!