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South Texas Man Pleads Guilty in Drug Case

In Mcallen, Texas a group of wily drug dealers were sneaking around law enforcement and dealing illegal narcotics to willing buyers. They also outfitted their drug customers with guns when they wanted them, smuggling the weapons to men who did not have a permit and may have wanted the gun for a dangerous reason. The men involved in the ring were al arrested earlier last month, and the final defendant was brought to court today. The man pleaded guilty to his charges just before his case was to go to trial. The drug ring involved two sheriff’s deputies, who were trying to protect themselves and other drug ring participants from being discovered.

This final suspect, Jose Luis Tovar, pleaded guilty in a Federal court this morning. Tovar was charged with weapons offenses after he smuggled six guns to undercover drug enforcement officers. The act allegedly took place in May, when Tovar met up with the men he thought were his typical criminal customers. He assumed that he was helping these men to get the guns that they wanted for some sort of illegal use, but soon found out he was dealing with enemies. The Drug Enforcement Agency also discovered that two Duval County Sheriffs were associated with Tovar. They planned to use a police vehicle to smuggle cocaine from the Tovar brothers into Texas.

The cocaine was coming across the Mexican border, and was sold to high-paying customers all throughout the U.S. Tovar faces up to 10 years in prison and prosecutors say that he may face drug charges in the future as well. His brother, Jerry Tovar, has also pleaded guilty to weapons and drug conspiracy charges. If you have been charged with drug smuggling, then you will want a lawyer on your side to advocate for you in court. With the right representation, you may be able to avoid time in prison or eliminate thousands of dollars in fines. Talk to someone at our Texas firm today to get a helping hand in your drug case!