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Woman Beaten and Raped by Homeless Man

A South Dallas woman who only wanted to be hospitable was cruelly raped and beaten on August 30th. The woman often opened her home to those without a place to sleep on rainy nights, which is exactly what she did last week. She offered a homeless man a place to stay, and he eagerly agreed. Once he had entered her apartment, the man beat and raped her, leaving her in the apartment for several days after the attack. The woman, who was considered family by many neighbors, was taken to the hospital in critical condition when she was discovered n the home. According to a neighbor, the older lady sat outside of the apartment every day, offering money and shelter to those who were less fortunate.

The older woman allegedly relied on the church next door for her own food and clothing, but would share what little she had with those that were in need. The ministers at the church nearby had even set up a speaker system outside, so that this older woman could sit on her porch and listen to the sermon without actually having to go to the house of worship. The older woman was diabetic and prone to falling. People assumed that she wasn’t feeling well when she failed to make it out onto her porch last Sunday.

Yet eventually, the apartment manager at the complex was compelled to check on this woman, only find that she had collapsed on the ground. The apartment manager said that the lady’s face was caked with blood, and that she had been sexually assaulted with a broomstick. If you have been charged with rape, sexual assault, or battery, then you will need a criminal defense attorney on your side. In many cases, the prosecution will use emotional aspects of the case to sway the jury. We will work on your side, trying to show the court why you don’t deserve a harsh sentence for your crimes.