Are you Eligible for Disability Back Pay?

Are you Eligible for Disability Back Pay?

If you had to wait a significant amount of time in order to receive the Social Security Disability Insurance that you were rightfully entitled to, then you may be able to receive back pay for the months that you could have been receiving disability insurance but were not due to the tardiness of the government agency.

According to Wired PR News, many people are eligible for back pay when they receive social security benefits, and some people are even eligible for retroactive benefits. These payments will need to be provided for time prior to when the individual filed for disability. Social Security will often award this to applicants for up to one year prior to their date of filing the claim. This is typically reserved for very serious cases where it would be a great benefit for the recipient to have the retroactive payments.

The approved amount of back pay that you can expect to receive will depend on how much SSA Tax was withheld during your employment, the date of your application, and the date that you became disabled. Individuals will need to make sure that they have accurate details concerning these items if they want to receive the back pay. Remember that there is always a mandatory waiting period of five months for all eligible claimants before they will be paid.

The back pay, if awarded, will be granted to the claimant in a lump sum. Social Security will determine how much back pay is warranted in your case and you will be notified that you have been paid this financial award. If you want more information about back pay or believe that you are eligible and weren't able to receive the money that you need, then you need an SSDI attorney from the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC there to help you.