New Veterans' Court Makes Turns Focus on Rehabilitation

New Veterans' Court Makes Turns Focus on Rehabilitation

There has been an important new development for veterans who are accused of crimes in Collin County, Texas. Collin County Veterans' Court, which was launched last month, is a new court that focuses on rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration for combat veterans who have been arrested for criminal offenses, according to a Plano Star-Courier article. This provides a major benefit for veterans who qualify, providing these individuals with another way to avoid conviction and damaging penalties such as jail or prison time.

The court came about after Judge John Roach, Jr.—who presides over the 296 th District Court—started seeing an increase of veterans involved in the criminal justice system. According to the judge's quote in the article, the new court involves a more intensive probation process. Through the court's probation system, the veterans are required to meet with the judge every month to ensure that they are following their probation requirements. Non-compliance with their probation terms leads to sanctions, while compliance leads to rewards (particularly special assistance with finding housing, jobs and treatment). Those going through the program, which can last up to two years, work with case managers and treatment programs that are tailored specifically to their individual needs. Successfully completing the program can lead to a veteran having his or her case dismissed. Failing to follow its terms can, however, cause the case to be sent back to the original court.

The program does have certain limitations, according to the news story. In order to qualify, a veteran must have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder or a traumatic brain injury, and the diagnosis must be related to the crime for which the individual was arrested. Furthermore, veterans in the program must not have committed any violent crimes, crimes that involved deadly weapons or drunk driving. Only 10 to 12 veterans can be in the program at once.

If you are a combat veteran who was arrested for a crime that qualifies for this Collin County Veterans' Court program, you just might be able to benefit from this chance to receive individualized treatment and probation in place of much harsher penalties. Another option is to completely challenge your criminal charges in court, which is a route that might be necessary for those who do not qualify for the new veterans' court program. When you do this, you will need a legal advocate who is by your side each step of the way, aggressively protecting your rights and your chances of freedom.

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