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Sequestration may make SSDI Claim Waits Even Longer

According to World EI News, the sequester administered by President Obama may retard the process of SSDI claims and may cause the disabled citizens in America to wait even longer for an answer to their application. The Budget Control Act mandates that there must be $85 million in federal government spending cuts. This went into effect on March 1 st, 2013, and the government is now looking for places to conserve finances as they work hard to stick to their new budget.

One way that the federal government may choose to conserve money is by cutting the work hours for employees at the Social Security Administration. Federal officials say that as a result, the SSA will need to make telephone hold times longer and will need to extend the processing time on all disability benefit decisions by one month. This means that if you were told that the SSA would give you a decision on your application by April, you might as well start hoping for May. The Baltimore Sun declares that federal officials are going to make an 8% cut on spending for the SSA, which is a big hit to their $11.5 billion budget.

Rumors are swirling that the SSA may close some of their offices in the near future, and the Christian Science Monitor speculates that the White House has already warned of growth in the backlog of Social Security Disability Claims. If you want to expedite your SSDI claim, or if you already received a rejection letter and want to appeal the verdict, then you will want an SSDI attorney there to help you. At the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC, there are hardworking and wise lawyers who can come alongside you and show the SSA that you mean business. Oftentimes an appeal will merit you the benefits that you need, so don't hesitate to hire the Zendeh Del Law Firm today.