Study: Texas Top State for Teacher-Student Inappropriate Relationships

Study: Texas Top State for Teacher-Student Inappropriate Relationships

The state of Texas tops the charts when it comes to U.S. states with the most inappropriate relationships between teachers and students, according to a recently released report. Terry Abbott, who formerly served as the chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education under the George W. Bush administration, released the report that showed that Texas currently leads the nation in this area, according to a March 27 article by The Dallas Morning News. As Texans takes steps to better protect students from such relationships, it is also important that they are careful not to falsely accuse innocent teachers as a result of their increased awareness concerning this issue.

As noted in the article, Mr. Abbott has reported that 26 inappropriate relationships between students and teachers have been discovered in Texas since the start of 2013, among a nationwide total of more than 200 cases. The former chief of staff noted that these numbers could be attributed to a rise in communication between teachers and students through text messages and Facebook. He advised school districts to improve their job screening processes and parents to more closely monitor their children's social media activity.

After reports such as these, individuals tend to be on heightened alert for signs of such sexual relationships. The fortunate aspect of this fact is that children can end up receiving a higher level of protection in many cases. The unfortunate aspect is that some school administrators and parents can end up jumping to unfair conclusions about teachers who have not actually engaged in any inappropriate relationships with their students. False accusations happen all the time, and they have the potential to destroy innocent individuals' reputations and careers—especially if those accusations are related to child molestation or child rape, which are some of the most stigmatizing crimes. In addition to long prison terms and expensive fines, those who are convicted of sexual offenses can end up being forced to register sex offenders. These are labels that can follow them around for years to come, or even for the rest of their lives.

There are many different types of sex crimes teachers can be accused of in relation to their students. Some of these include child molestation, child pornography possession, sexual assault of a minor and soliciting a child on the Internet. If you are a teacher or other adult who has been falsely accused of engaging in a sexual relationship with a child, make sure you have a strong sex crime attorney representing you. Because these crimes are seen as being some of the most heinous offenses, others might try to judge you before you even have the opportunity to defend yourself. With strong legal representation, you will be able to ensure that you are getting a fair chance to prove your innocence.

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