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The New Way Police are Locating Drug Houses
The New Way Police are Locating Drug Houses

In the past, drug houses were hard to locate. Normally a neighbor would tip the police off about drug manufacturing suspected inside a residency, and the police would have to go about getting a warrant to search the premises. Now, the police are starting to explore new ways ...

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Blog posts in August, 2013

  • New Texas Hit-and-Run Law Will be Enacted Sunday

    According to DallasNews, Texas drivers will need to be careful out on the road starting next week as a new list of driving laws are introduced. The ...

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  • Questions the SSA Will Ask When you Apply for SSDI

    If you are an SSDI applicant, you can get a better idea of you eligibility by reviewing the questions the SSA will ask of every application they ...

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  • Drug Offense Penalties May See Reform

    According to Your Houston News, the Texas Department of Corrections admitted 15,931 new prisoners for drug possession in the year 2012 alone. Another ...

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  • Possession of Hash or Concentrates and Texas Penalties

    In the state of Texas, drug crimes are taken seriously. This is because Texas borders Mexico, where many drug rings attempt to smuggle addictive ...

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  • SSDI Eligibility and the Duration of Work Test

    When you are applying for Social Security Disability, there are a variety of tests that you need to take. The first important test was discussed in ...

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  • Spousal Support and Going Back to School

    After divorce, many individuals choose to go out and finish the degrees that they abandoned for marriage. This is especially true for women who may ...

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  • Mandatory Minimum Sentences May be a Thing of the Past

    A recent article published in the Los Angeles Times announced that the Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. intends to announce a federal policy shift ...

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  • Border Drug Busts Strain Texas Budget

    The DEA is focused on intercepting drug rings and arresting those who are dealing illegal narcotics within the state of Texas. Because of this, they ...

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  • New Visa Immigration Laws for Homosexual Couples

    If you are in a homosexual relationship and are struggling through the difficulties of immigration, a new statute put in place by the United States ...

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