Mandatory Minimum Sentences May be a Thing of the Past

Mandatory Minimum Sentences May be a Thing of the Past

A recent article published in the Los Angeles Times announced that the Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. intends to announce a federal policy shift in the upcoming weeks. This policy shift affects drug crimes offenders, and will reduce the penalties that are required for drug dealers that are nonviolent and committed low-level crimes.

The Attorney General believes that reducing the sentence requirements for these offenders will help to ease prison overcrowding, a concern that has been fuelling articles and press discussions in recent days. The Attorney General announced this new federal policy from El Paso, Texas on Monday, August 12 th. Federal prosecutors will not seek long mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders after the shift is put into place.

Holder told the American Bar Association that too many Americans go to prisons for unnecessary lengths of time and there is no reason to keep them there. The Attorney General believes that incarceration alone is not an effective way to reduce the crime rate. Under the new policy, prosecutors will send fewer drug offenders to federal prisons for long terms. Instead, many of these offenders will go to drug treatment centers, or will be sentenced to perform community service for their offense.

The Justice Department says that they are not certain how many future prosecutions will be affected by the new policy. If you are arrested for a low-level drug offense, then you need to contact an attorney promptly. With the right lawyer on your side, you may be able to use this new policy to your advantage and successfully avoid jail time. Don't hesitate to get ahold of a Plano drug defense attorney right away for more information! Whether you have been charged with possession, manufacturing, or distribution, the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you!