Plano Attempted Murder Case Continues

Plano Attempted Murder Case Continues

In Plano, Texas, a formerly love-struck couple fell to pieces after the woman in the relationship attempted to murder her fiancé. The case has been going on in a Plano criminal defense court. The defendant says that she is not guilty and defense attorneys have announced that they don't plan to call any witnesses to come on her behalf. The prosecution has called various witnesses, who all have the same story.

The defendant claims that her fiancé attempted to molest her younger son and this led her to respond in violence. Yet a Plano detective claims that these allegations are false. A defense attorney on the case claims that the murder weapons were not tested for blood or DNA, and believes that this oversight could help to secure his defendant's innocence. The woman used a saucepan and an extension cord in an attempt to kill her significant other.

In murder cases, it is customary for the detectives to test all weapons for blood or DNA to assure that they have pieced together the details of the case correctly. The closing arguments for this case will be read later today. If you want more information about this situation, or if you have been accused of assault or another violent crime and the detectives failed to test the weapons for evidence, then you may be able to use this situation for you benefit. Contact an attorney promptly for more information!

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