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Questions the SSA Will Ask When you Apply for SSDI

If you are an SSDI applicant, you can get a better idea of you eligibility by reviewing the questions the SSA will ask of every application they receive. Examine your application in light of these inquiries to see if you meet the requirements!

Are you working right now? If you are, then this could affect your eligibility. The SSA will look at your earnings and determine whether or not they are over a certain limit. If so, then chances are that you won't qualify for SSDI. You will want to check and see whether or not you qualify regardless of whether or not you are working.

How severe is your medical condition? If you have a manageable medical condition, then chances are that you won't qualify for SSDI. You need to evidence that you are severely limited and cannot perform your work duties or do basic activities such as sitting, standing, remembering, or walking. You will also need to prove that you have had these symptoms for at least one year and that they have been persistent.

Can you do the work you used to do? If you used to perform a job that you can physically accomplish despite your disability, then this may disqualify you from receiving SSDI.

Is your medical condition listed on the List of Impairments? There is a detailed list of the different medical conditions that generally qualify for SSDI. If your disability is not on the list, then you will need to prove severity in order to get the SSDI you need.

Can you do another type of work? If you cannot do the job that you were previously doing, and also can't get a job at another location, you will be eligible for SSDI. You may need to explain why your medical conditions prohibit you from working at all. You will need to show your education level, your age, and your past work experience to the SSA. If you need more help qualifying for SSDI, then you need to talk to a Plano SSDI attorney at the firm today!