Spousal Support and Going Back to School

Spousal Support and Going Back to School

After divorce, many individuals choose to go out and finish the degrees that they abandoned for marriage. This is especially true for women who may choose to drop out of school in order to have children and be a homemaker. When a marriage dissolves, both parties often want to return to their original hopes and dreams and set about accomplishing them.

If you are a planning to go back to college or career training, it is important that you enroll in your courses promptly and notify your family court of your decision. With the help of a successful Plano family attorney, you may be able to petition for more spousal support to cover your educational costs.

An attorney can help you to develop an argument evidencing that returning to school is a good investment for your future. Also, a lawyer can show the court why you need financial assistance in order to attend school. If you are the primary custodian of children produced by the marriage, then this would further bolster your argument for increased spousal support that will cover your educational costs.

You will want to talk to a Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC attorney about support modification and see if you can present a request to the court that will then be transferred to your ex-spouse. If the court agrees that an increase in spousal support is necessary and reasonable, your ex-spouse will be notified of this change. He or she may be able to contest the modification, so you will want to be prepared.

It may take more support from an ex-spouse now to increase your earnings in the long run, so try to come up with a detailed plan showing how you will be able to remodify the plan later in the future. If you want more information hire a Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC Plano divorce attorney today!