SSDI Eligibility and the Duration of Work Test

SSDI Eligibility and the Duration of Work Test

When you are applying for Social Security Disability, there are a variety of tests that you need to take. The first important test was discussed in our last blog, and was the "recent work" test. There is also another test, the "duration of work" test. This test is important, as you will need to prove you worked a certain number of years depending on your age and current condition.

For example, if you became disabled before the age of 28, then you will probably need to prove you have worked for 1.5 years. If you became disabled at age 30, then you will need two years of work in order to be eligible for benefits. If you became disabled at age 34, the requirement moves to three years, and for those that are age 38 the requirement jumps to four years.

Also, those who are at the age of 42 will need to have five years of work experience, and those that are 44 will need to have five and a half years on the job. The number of work years required escalates as the age of the disabled individual rises. The SSDI caps the "duration of work" limit at age 60, where a worker must have 9.5 years of work experience to qualify for SSDI. If you are currently applying for SSDI eligibility, then you will need an attorney to assist you in the event of a complication.

Oftentimes the SSDI will reject an application, but if the issue is taken to court the applicant can receive the SSDI benefits that he or she needs. Don't take no for an answer, instead hire a Plano SSDI lawyer to assist you in your case. Don't hesitate to work hard and be aggressive to experience the benefits set up for you by the United States government.