The New Way Police are Locating Drug Houses

The New Way Police are Locating Drug Houses

In the past, drug houses were hard to locate. Normally a neighbor would tip the police off about drug manufacturing suspected inside a residency, and the police would have to go about getting a warrant to search the premises. Now, the police are starting to explore new ways to locate these drug houses in a shorter amount of time.

Instead of going through all the legalities of investigation and achieving permits, the police have been walking up to homes and knocking on the door, then asking about any drug activity that may be going on inside. Officers recently received a tip from a neighbor about a South Dallas home where there was drug paraphernalia and a host of other illegal documents. They simple knocked on the door, talked with the residents, and asked if they could be invited in. From there, they were able to reveal the resident's crimes and perform an arrest.

This is called a "knock-and-talk" method, and it is surprisingly effective throughout the state of Texas. According to DallasNews, niceness is the key to a successful door-to-door check. Police must come off cordial and unassuming in order to get into the home and do their investigation. The "knock-and-talk" task force is dedicated to investigating low-level drug crimes and was able to reduce the number of these crimes in the past two years.

In recent years, the police department has noticed a slight uptick in murders due to small drug operations running out of houses. As a result, they have encouraged police to adopt a knock-and-talk routine. The task force has made 509 arrests since May and has seized 131 firearms and 404 pounds of drugs. They have also made about 399 possible drug house contacts. If you have been arrested in a knock-and-talk operation, you will want a Plano drug defense attorney on your side. This is because the knock-and-talk operation is slightly unconventional, and there may be police misconduct involved. Learn more by contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today!