Key Defenses in Drug Charge Cases

Key Defenses in Drug Charge Cases

If you've been arrested for a drug crime, then you are probably wondering where to go from here. The first action you need to take is to hire a reliable and trustworthy attorney. After completing this step, you should begin to develop a defense with the attorney on your side. There may be a wide variety of factors that took place in your case that can help you to work through your claim. It is not enough to claim that you are innocent. Instead, if you did not commit the crime that you have been charged with, you will want to prove this through a variety of different evidences.

First of all, you can argue coercion. If you were coerced to commit the drug crime under the threat of death of severe bodily injury, then this is a legitimate defense. For example, if you were required to allow others to use your home to manufacture drugs, or if you were required to carry drugs and traffic them to a particular location, then you can use the defense of coercion.

You can also argue that you are innocent of a crime using the defense of incapacitation. If you were incapacitated or mentally insane at the time that your crime was committed, then you can use this as an excuse. As well, if you were not actually in control of the substance or the paraphernalia at the time of the arrest, then you can use this as an excuse.

In addition to this, you can argue that the police did not follow the procedures necessary if this is a legitimate excuse. Proper police procedure is a vital part of most drug offense cases. The police must have a reasonable suspicion that a person is involved in a drug crime in order to confront them. If the police violate a warrant requirement or the person's Constitutional rights, then the case can be dismissed. Talk with a successful Plano drug defense lawyer at Zendeh Del Law today to learn more!