Routine Checks can Lead to Serious Arrests

Routine Checks can Lead to Serious Arrests

A Plano police officer was simply doing his job and performing routine checks last week when he discovered a man who was wanted on an attempted murder charge in Chicago. The offender is now being held in the Collin County jail on the felony warrant which was issued out of Cook County, Illinois back in May. The Cook County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the warrant already.

The Plano police say that they regularly schedule beat officers to check vehicles parked at local motels in the area. The police are required to look for any car break-ins and run random license plate numbers to make sure that none of the drivers who have parked there are wanted. On November 20th, one police officer was doing his duty at a Motel 6 on Central Expressway south of Park Boulevard when he came back with a license plate that was stolen out of the state of Oklahoma.

The officer did some research and managed to connect the car to the motel room where the car's owner was resting. The door of the motel room was partially open, and the smell of marijuana was prevalent in the room. The officer talked with the suspect, who took off running as he was being escorted towards a police rover. He was taken into custody on suspicion of resisting arrest and was then connected with the felony warrant from Illinois.

The officers say that the warrant that was issued in Illinois is in regards to a crime that the suspect committed in April 2011 in Chicago. Allegedly, the offender attacked a woman he met in a bar and followed home after they agreed to split a cab. If you want more information about arrests of this nature, or about how to work through a crime after you were arrested during a routine police check, then talk with a Plano criminal defense attorney at the firm today for more information.