The Battle for Same-Sex Divorce

The Battle for Same-Sex Divorce

Many gay and lesbian couples are working to get more conservative states to recognize gay marriage by first motivating the states to recognize same-sex divorce. One lesbian couple from Mississippi filed a divorce in a chancery court in September. The couple wants Mississippi to recognize the marriage for the purpose of granting a divorce.

The outspoken homosexual couple is one of a few who have taken steps to file for divorces in states that don't actually recognize homosexual marriages. Couples in non-recognition states would have to move back to the state where they married and a establish residency to get a divorce. In some cases, this is impossible because the homosexual partners may have jobs keeping them in the state where they currently reside.

Gay rights activists say that the right to divorce is equally as important as the right to marry. Attorneys say that many relationships, homosexual and straight, end on a regular basis. There are times that people are unable to continue in a difficult relationship, and may find it necessary to call the relationship off.

The Mississippi Attorney General's Office has already filed a motion declaring that the divorce petition should be dismissed. Mississippi allegedly claims that they have no obligation to give effect to California laws which are contrary to the state policy. Mississippi is not the only state where the battle for same-sex divorce is prevalent.

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