Collin County Approves Veterans' Court

Collin County Approves Veterans' Court

In light of recent report from the Department of Veterans' Affairs that implied almost 10% of arrested persons have served in the military, Collin County, FL has decided to create a Veterans' Court. This would give veterans with combat-related mental impairments the chance to complete a stringent program instead of going to jail. The Collin County District Attorney would determine eligibility on a case by case basis; however, those accused of a serious felony or persons who were dishonorably discharged would be excluded automatically from the program.

Currently, the court has not released guidelines on how the program is to be implemented, yet it would most likely follow the example of other existing courts. These have carried out a heavily supervised treatment program that requires participants to attend court and treatment sessions multiple times a week. If participants do not follow the rules, then they would receive increasingly strict rules in accordance with their non-compliance. Eventually, if their insubordination is continued, then the veterans would then face a hefty prison sentence.

Judge John Roach Jr., the district court judge who instigated the creation of this Veteran Court and a former Marine, commented that this is an important step to rehabilitating veterans from their negative combat experiences. He expects that around 5-15 veterans will be involved in the program at one time, out of the 70,000 veterans who are in the U.S. Judge Roach and other supporters of the Veterans' Court hope that this will prove to be a cure for these veterans, who have honorably sacrificed their lives to protect their country .

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