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Debate About Puppy Mill Surfaces in Texas

Puppy mills are breeding houses where owners are constantly raising and selling puppies for profit. Oftentimes these breeding houses sell their dogs to local pet stores, or will put the pets up online for sale. Unfortunately, puppy mills are often unsanitary and ridden with disease. A new law in the state is trying to crack down on puppy mill breeders and make sure that people are not abusing their animals as they produce puppies for profit. The law is being challenged by breeders and the Responsible Pet Owner’s Alliance. Accident to ABC Local, a District Judge signed an order on Thursday which denied the group’s challenge to the law.

The alliances wanted to prove that the law was not constitutional, but it has already been put into effect and judges are hesitant to rescind the order. Commercial breeders in Texas are defined as any people who exchange and sell more than 20 puppies each year and have 11 or more breeding females. The puppy breeders are required to be licensed and undergo a yearly facility inspection by state authorities. As well, the breeders must provide breeding and an annual veterinary exam to each puppy at the location.

Unfortunately, many breeders don’t live up to this expectation. Instead, they often fail to give their puppies the medical care that they need. If you run a sub-standard puppy mill in Texas, the new laws will probably make it possible for you to face prosecution. You need to contact an Plano criminal defense attorney at the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC today if you have been cited for an illegal puppy mill. If you do not have the right representation on your side, then you may be charged with a crime and be forced to pay thousands of dollars in fines. You may also be able to avoid these punishments if you can hire the right criminal defense lawyer to come to your side.